Has the Popularity of the MMA Increased Interest in Martial Arts

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) popularity is fast growing. With huge fun base (over 3.4 million followers on twitter) garnered by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), there is no doubt that MMA has become a full contact combat sport. A report released recently showed that MMA is far more popular than NASCAR and NHL among the young generation aged between 18-34 year old. So the big question is, has the popularity of MMA increased interest in different types of mixed martial arts? Are more people signing in up to take the training in the martial arts? The answer is YES and in this article, we are going to give the reasons why.

1. Training availability

Unlike the past where it was hard to find gyms and training centers that specialized in MMA training, increased popularity in this sport has led to the rapid growth of MMA training centers. Nowadays, there are plenty of UFC gyms and many others that offers traditional combative arts like kickboxing, jiu jitsu, karate and other crucial fighting styles that are crucial for MMA fighters.

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2. Increased understanding of the sport

Increase in MMA popularity has made it to become a mainstream sport. It has gotten more attention from the media and a result more and more people have understood what the sport is all about. Rules and regulations guiding this sport have also been expanded making this sport safe and even more interesting. As a results, many people have understood this sport as opposed to the past where MMA was largely seen as dangerous and bloody sport. Many people have now understood the training that one needs to undertake in order to become a pro fighter. This has increased their interest in training in the martial arts.

3. Better regulations and safety

In the past, MMA was actually not allowed on pay per view. Republican congressman John McCain lobbied heavily to ensure that pay per view was not allowed. However the organizers of MMA did not give up. They stated to organize training classes and instituted regulations that made this sport safer and more appealing to the masses. These changes made mixed martial arts very popular and it slowly began moving from the underground circuits to the mainstream.

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4. Diversity

Mixed martial arts has not been restricted to specific counties or gender. In fact, in the UFC alone there are fighter from all over the world including South Korea, Poland, Brazil, Romania, The Netherlands among many other countries. More fighting classes have been introduced and the sport is now open to both male and female fighters. The diversity of MMA has increased interest in the different types of MMA. As a result, more and more people are signing up for training.

5. Increased promotion

Organizations like Bellator and UFC are working day and night to promote MMA to the public. From aggressive multi-channel campaign to marketing of upcoming events on reality shows, MMA has become a lucrative sport that has attracted the interest of many. MMA fighters are also getting lucrative sponsor deals in form of public appearances, brand promotion and marketing of outfits that they wear when fighting. Increased promotion and lucrative deals that fighters enjoy has made more people to sign up for MMA training.

The Business Side of Karate Studios and Dojos

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The success of martial arts institutions is often determined by the number of people who enroll. As a martial arts teacher, despite the fact that you can provide training using modern facilities and equipment, you will not earn money if people will not sign up for martial arts lessons in your school.

There are various ways of marketing or advertising martial arts school, like creating a website for your martial arts school or offering free introductory classes. Scroll down this write- up to know about the business side of karate studios and Dojos.

How the Teacher Offering Martial Arts Lesson Makes His Money

Ensuring that Students who Enroll in His Class Pay a Certain Amount for the Services Rendered

First and foremost, it is ideal that you come up with a fee structure that people enrolling in your martial arts school will adhere to. However, the amount you charge should not be too much such that you’ll scare people from joining your school. Try to charge a small amount for the beginners and give them satisfactory training so that they’ll still enroll in your school again even if you will hike the fee in the future.

Offering Online Lessons

This is the most effective and efficient way you can use to make money if you’re a teacher offering martial art lessons. Come out with pay per click trick whereby people will pay you once they click and learn martial arts tricks from your website online. However, you must make sure you design well your website so that people will be more interested in clicking it once they come along it.

Tips on How Teachers Attracts Students to their Martial Arts Classes

Tip# 1: Conducting Free Demos:

To attract students in your school, conduct a free self- defense class and invite people in your community to come and learn about martial arts. Choreograph and rehearse skills which can hassle free dazzle an audience.

Tip# 2: Displaying and Selling Gear:

Selling gear that has your customized logo like sweatshirts, training pants, tee- shirts and uniforms can assist in boosting awareness easily of your school. Come out with quality gear and sell them at a cheap price so that you can make people become interested in purchasing them.

You can also come out with posters and hanging signs explaining about your martial arts school and stick them in highly trafficked areas such as in colleges and universities.

Last, but definitely not least, to expand your advertising reach, create a YouTube channel explaining more about your school and post training videos regularly.

Do karate tournaments really exist?

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Do karate tournaments really exist? Many people who love Japanese martial arts often ask themselves this important question whenever they want show their skills on the sport. One will always have fun when you can attend karate tournaments since you will appreciate the passion of the new participants who would love express their skills for others to watch at the same time competing.

How does it exists?

Yes, of course many karate tournaments exist today. They are not just made up for the original movie karate kid. Being among the instructors who really love the tournaments, I would say one simple fact; these are among the most interesting places where you can visit during your holidays when you need fun. All the sports are geared towards a phrase commonly known as “good old boys club” since the judges are impartial towards the participants whenever they are making their decisions.

In case one flaws the rules given during the play, they often risk disqualification in not only the previous tournament but also other proceeding ones. This means that all participants must understand the rules and guidelines that before they can start to compete especially when looking forward to reach finals where the winners are awarded.

During the karate tournaments, participants are often more interested in scoring more points in the kata instead of fighting their opponent in mind therefore losing that intent of kata. The main aim of karate tournaments is to outscore your opponent thus winning in the three rounds.

Before karate tournaments, there must be rounds of knockout stages where people or students with passion compete to book their spot in the tournament finals. During the period, referees often take charge of the competitions to ensure that all participants win fairly during the competition.

Today, several schools have introduced curriculum on karate that truly makes the tournaments very interesting especially at school levels where talents are nurtured before competing at national levels. In addition, you will always have couple of tournaments every year where you can have some fun especially when you need to enjoy yourself while learning on new skills.

Why should an individual entering a tournament join Dojo?

Dojo, which is a Japanese term with the meaning “place of the way”. However, in the Western world, this term Dojo mainly refers to a training place for Japanese martial arts like aikido, judo, samurai or karate. For one to compete in karate tournaments, he or she must join Dojo to acquire the training as well as skills needed to compete during the competition. Dojo is also a place where one can get mentorship to nurture their talent and skills to compete at the highest levels.

Other artifacts may also be displayed through the Dojo such as kanban, which authorize the style or strategy of the participant. Visitors often have special place reserved, which depends on their station and rank. With the physical training facility, participants in the karate tournaments often train hard especially for the national championship to aim the prizes that comes with winning.

In conclusion, the above information will help you understand whether karate tournaments really exists as well as benefits of joining Dojo.

Benefits Of Martial Arts Training

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Some people think that if their kids are taught martial arts, they’ll use it to their advantage and become bullies. The truth about martial arts for kids is very different from what you expect. The different types of martial arts will improves discipline, coordination and can boost your child’s confidence.


Martial arts training teaches kids with self-control and concentration. When kids are trained for a specific technique, instructors advise them to focus intensely on proper technique execution.

Discipline is doing what you must do even if you don’t want to do it. Although a new technique might be hard at first, the reward of achieving a higher rank keeps them disciplined.


Self-esteem is about self-worth. Having a healthy self-esteem means being capable, confident, and able. With martial arts, the small challenges they encounter bring incremental success. They overcome challenges as they improve in their training.


Most martial arts training teach the value of age, rank, expertise, and experience. Martial arts higher ranks indicate higher expertise, and once they reach a certain rank, they become worthy of teaching their knowledge to others. Your kids will learn how to treat people with respect, even outside of the gym.

Goal Setting

Martial arts have specific goals that when they reach it, they will arrive at a higher rank. Ranks are often denoted using colored belts.
Your kids will learn to take on new challenges in chunks. Dividing up all the knowledge needed to increase a rank bit by bit allows your child to learn to prioritize specific goals before they can advance their learning progress.


The ability to defend themselves allows them to have peace of mind. Basic training often involves avoiding any confrontation as much as possible. Because of self-awareness, your child will less likely have to use violence in dealing with their problems.
If confrontation cannot be prevented, like when your kids get assaulted, execution of techniques can prevent assaults before they escalate.

Physical Fitness

The intense training involved with most programs help to significantly improve your child’s cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.


Martial arts training can help them develop a sense of balance and also lets them learn techniques on how to prevent injuries.

Learning Ability

Learning a certain skill require extreme mental focus. Students will learn to concentrate under pressure. Also, memorization of terms and techniques are crucial in performing it well. With repetition of certain technique, students can execute the skill correctly. This learning ability is also adaptable when they are studying at school; thus they learn a certain topic not just through memorization but also through learning proper application to the lessons.

Acquire Useful Skills

Martial art classes let them learn useful skills and at the same time be physically fit. So instead of playing computer games and spending time watching TV, they practice a new skill instead.

Release Stress

Because of the intense workouts, students can release negative energies due to exertion. Sweating is a great way to diffuse anger and keep them calm. Rather than being impulsive, they will be more centered and know what to do in stressful situations.
Some martial arts have a ritual shout. Shouting is meant to improve focus and to breathe every time a technique is delivered. This can also serve as a way to release tension and nervous energy.