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Has the Popularity of the MMA Increased Interest in Martial Arts

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) popularity is fast growing. With huge fun base (over 3.4 million followers on twitter) garnered by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), there is no doubt that MMA has become a full contact combat sport. A report released recently showed that MMA is far more popular than NASCAR and NHL among the young generation aged between 18-34 year old. So the big question is, has the popularity of MMA increased interest in different types of mixed martial arts? Are more people signing in up to take the training in the martial arts? The answer is YES and in this article, we are going to give the reasons why.

1. Training availability

Unlike the past where it was hard to find gyms and training centers that specialized in MMA training, increased popularity in this sport has led to the rapid growth of MMA training centers. Nowadays, there are plenty of UFC gyms and many others that offers traditional combative arts like kickboxing, jiu jitsu, karate and other crucial fighting styles that are crucial for MMA fighters.

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2. Increased understanding of the sport

Increase in MMA popularity has made it to become a mainstream sport. It has gotten more attention from the media and a result more and more people have understood what the sport is all about. Rules and regulations guiding this sport have also been expanded making this sport safe and even more interesting. As a results, many people have understood this sport as opposed to the past where MMA was largely seen as dangerous and bloody sport. Many people have now understood the training that one needs to undertake in order to become a pro fighter. This has increased their interest in training in the martial arts.

3. Better regulations and safety

In the past, MMA was actually not allowed on pay per view. Republican congressman John McCain lobbied heavily to ensure that pay per view was not allowed. However the organizers of MMA did not give up. They stated to organize training classes and instituted regulations that made this sport safer and more appealing to the masses. These changes made mixed martial arts very popular and it slowly began moving from the underground circuits to the mainstream.

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4. Diversity

Mixed martial arts has not been restricted to specific counties or gender. In fact, in the UFC alone there are fighter from all over the world including South Korea, Poland, Brazil, Romania, The Netherlands among many other countries. More fighting classes have been introduced and the sport is now open to both male and female fighters. The diversity of MMA has increased interest in the different types of MMA. As a result, more and more people are signing up for training.

5. Increased promotion

Organizations like Bellator and UFC are working day and night to promote MMA to the public. From aggressive multi-channel campaign to marketing of upcoming events on reality shows, MMA has become a lucrative sport that has attracted the interest of many. MMA fighters are also getting lucrative sponsor deals in form of public appearances, brand promotion and marketing of outfits that they wear when fighting. Increased promotion and lucrative deals that fighters enjoy has made more people to sign up for MMA training.